Saturday, December 31, 2011


"anything that doesn't kill you will only make you stronger".

assalamualaikum...what's up y'all?
my 2011 has been quite a roller-coaster ride. there were ups and downs,tears and laughter, good and bad moments. a bit of a round up of my 2011 happenings which consist of things that i did/experienced for the first time:

a) I was finally posted to a school in Selangor. which means i am employed! the school is approximately 55km from my parents' house. a brand new school which i was grateful about. aside from the workloads which keep on mounting up, i'm truly blessed with the opportunity given to me. i enjoy the company of all the teachers in the school.although at times, i felt demotivated and stressed out, i managed to go through all the obstacles. i thank all who have been very supportive ( my family, my friends, my colleagues). i am not sure how long i will be in the school but i only hope for the best in the future.

b) I rented a house near my school. this was the first time i rent a house. although i did this during my stay in australia but in malaysia, this was my first time. i had to do everything on my own. searched for the house on the internet, met the owner, moved in, stayed with 2 housemates who are a total stranger to me, got the house an internet connection, pay the utility bills, cooked (occasionally). everything was new and i'm grateful to have experience them which indicate that i'm now a grown-up man. (hey, you're already 24, zaim!).ooppsss..;)

c) i bought a car! the first thing that came to my mind when i got my first paycheck was to get a brand new car. which i did. and i was super excited! but the car had 2 accidents recently which left a big scar on its back. but still, i love my car so much! (p/s i dun have a name for the car ok?)

d) i went to pangkor and cameron highlands! pangkor for a course and cameron highlands with my year 6 pupils for their excursion. my first time going to these two places. pangkor was super fun especially when i got to meet with my fellow college mates. cameron highland was not bad either. both trips came at the right time when i need an escapade.

these were some of the things that i did for my 2011. my first time experience to be exact.

this year has been a meaningful year for me. i hope 2012 will have a lot of fun in store for me.let's hope for the best! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

and the wait will be over in a few hours time....

i'm uber excited!;). pictures will be uploaded later.

Friday, July 22, 2011

when you say nothing at all

i choose to be silent for a reason. i can be loud if i can. i respect my colleagues who are much senior than me and have a lot of experience. don't simply put forward your imprudent judgment towards me saying i wasn't contributing anything.

"kalau belajar overseas mesti banyak idea.kalau x, kenape kerajaan nk hantar awak ke sana dan awak x cedok idea2 dari sane."

and in the end, what you can do was just smile.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hey! (current updates or should i say updates yg da berkurun lame???)

waddup? phewww~~~after a long hiatus, hey,i'm back! haha.i know i don't sound that excited but worry not, i will try to update the blog from here onwards. big apology.

and let me start with this,

i'm now a full-fledged teacher! or should i say half-fledged teacher??? since i still have to wait for quite some time before i can declare myself as a qualified teacher. i am currently teaching at a primary school in Sungai Buloh. a new school with 900++ students and 62 teachers and just celebrated its first anniversary on the 1st of July.yeay and a big hooray for the new facilities, equipments but a boo-hoo for the workloadSSSS! since it's a new school, there are a lot of paperwork to do, files to update etc. and since there are fewer male teachers there, a lot of responsibilities are given to me. i have to be in-charge of the timetables, the eMis data, Ketua guru Kelab Bola Baling, Secretary for Pengakap, Penyelaras PPDa and the list goes on. and not to forget, i am the "official" photographer for the school's events. Tetap dan berpencen as the photographer. and i believe more responsibilities are soon to come.

but amidst all the chaotic and topsy turvy situations i encountered, i am blessed for the experiences gained. I thank Allah for the opportunities given to me. I am a true believer of the saying as i loosely translate it " Allah must not test you unless He thinks that you are capable of handling it". and Alhamdulillah, everything went well up to this moment. i am looking forward for the next challange!

those who think that being a teacher is easy, think again! let's swap place for a day! i'm happy for the swap.any takers?????

teaching might be easy but educating is a true challenge. and i also believe, teaching can't be taught, it's a gift! and teachers out there, believe me, you are all GIFTED!

and i still have a long way to go................58-24=34 years!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

please remind me....

and ana rafalli won AJL last night with her song "Tolong Ingatkan Aku". i was a bit shock at first hearing the result but after a while, after hearing her song over and over again, it kinda make sense why the judges chose this song as "the song of the year". it was poetic and has a very deep meaning. congrats to ana for winning that night! ( and she got to spend that rm35000 on her own).

for those who want to get to know ana rafalli, you can search for her facebook profile or you can have a look at her blog.

and one more thing, one of the my two favs song was actually in the top 3. congrats hafiz! plus hafiz also won the best vocal performance that night.

p/s i always think that girls who play guitar are hot!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

and the winner is...

tonight is the 25th Anugerah Juara Lagu. i'm rooting for these two songs.

i've got my favs.what's yours?